• How does the Mommy Exchange Program work?

    The Mommy Exchange is changing the way you shop for your kids. We can save you money by offering pre-loved items in excellent condition. You can also turn your kiddos' closets into cash by consigning/ trading in with us! Contact us today to get started.

    Our program is simple. Just go through your kids’ closets brimming with clothes that they no longer wear. Those items are taking up lots of space. You can trade in or sell these items to The Mommy Exchange for cash or trade credit. This keeps the items out of landfills and puts a little more cash in your monthly clothing budget.

    If you live outside Las Vegas/ Henderson, request a bag to fill to be shipped to your home. You can request that here. Fill it up with all the clothing that your kids don’t use, have outgrown or don’t like. We also accept “like new” books and other kids’ accessories.

    If you live in the Las Vegas/ Henderson Areas, our team will pick up up your items from your home, or you can also request a bag to fill here. We will purchase items from you that can be re-sold and provide you a cash value and trade in value. The remaining items will be given to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission to be loved by someone else. Any remaining items which are not able to be donated will be recycled.

  • Our Mission

    The Mommy Exchange pursues the goal to create a community of people who love children, their family and our planet. We want to use our resources wisely and recycle or upcycle as many clothes as possible.

    Through our organization we hope to better the lives of families through affordable, beautiful clothing which helps families’ budgets, kids’ self esteem and the planet by reducing waste and upcycling.

    Through our company your support will help various charities through the work we do at
    The Mommy Exchange.